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The Book of James – God’s Deaf Ear James 4:3-4


God’s Deaf Ear

Verse 3 details an attempt to ask God for pleasures.  The bible clearly states this prayer will not be answered.  While James teaches us not to be a pleasure seeker we also get a lesson in prayer: we learn that God does not respond to “Lord, give me a shiny new car so I’ll be happy”. The phone might be ringing but God will not answer.  No, God is not deaf, He chooses not to hear for our sakes. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Book of James – Pleasure Seekers James 4:1-2



In chapter 3 James described the weapon we all carry, the tongue.  As we enter chapter 4 James turns his attention to the device that fires that weapon, our mind.

Pleasure Seekers

James starts with a question… where does all the fighting and bickering come from?  Envy and strife come from the evil passions we allow inside the mind.  James uses the plural form of the word lust to describe those passions.  When we hear the word “lust” we usually reserve that for only one type of thought.  Lust, as James uses it, is the pursuit of self-serving pleasure.  You can lust after a shiny new sports car thinking it will give you pleasure.  You can lust after a house, a new wardrobe or even a new look.  Lusting after things has one common trait, to give pleasure to self at any expense.  It’s “all about me”.  When we have an “all about me” mindset then envy, strife and hard feelings are not far behind. Read the rest of this entry »


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