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The Book of James – The Tongue James 3:1-6



We are switching gears in this post. James finished his thought on faith and now covers a subject that has separated friends, ruined marriages, destroyed lives and even led nations into war.

The Tongue

James begins with a discourse on the potential destruction our words can inflict upon our fellow man.  You may already have someone in mind that “really needs to hear this”.  In truth we all need to hear it.  I listened to a speech given by a Supreme Court Justice.  In that speech I heard three words that really stuck with me…words have meaning.  I really took this to heart.  He is right, words do have meaning.  Most conflicts start with careless words spoken in haste or in anger. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Watchman – Ezekiel 2:8 – 3:21


A title like “The Watchman” sounds rather ominous in today’s world.  There are confirmed and unconfirmed reports of government programs peering into emails and phone records.  Let me tell you up front this post has nothing to do with such programs.

If you are looking for something witty or edgy in this post let me save you some time, stop reading now.  This is addressed to all who have called upon the name of Jesus Christ and made him Lord.  If you owe Jesus everything, read on.

The first three chapters of Ezekiel cover the call and commission of Ezekiel to preach to the people of Israel.  This calling will also contain one doozy of an object lesson along with the most sobering of warnings for not delivering God’s words.  It is important to note that the huge responsibility was placed on the delivering of the message, not in the accepting of it. Read the rest of this entry »

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