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The Book of James – Riches to Rags James 5:1-6



The title of this post looks a bit odd: the reason? we usually hear it the other way around.  One attribute of James I have not discussed thus far is his passion.  We are going to see his passion front and center in this post.

In the first part of this chapter James has some very harsh words for the rich of this world who take advantage of the poor.  Look out, the fur is about to fly. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Book of James – Hypocrites James 1:26-27



Next week I’ll be posting an article about a very personal Christmas experience in my past.   Our series on James will be on temporary hold until after Christmas.

Last time we talked about being a hearer and doer of the word.  We cannot stop at knowing what God’s word says; we must also follow through with those lessons allowing God’s word to change us.  If you remember we also focused on listening more, talking less and controlling our anger.

Within any group or organization there are always those who are committed and then there are the pretenders.  When we talk about Christian pretenders there is a very ugly word used to describe them, we call them hypocrites.  Tonight that is our topic.  This isn’t a pleasant topic but God inspired James to cover it so we are going to cover it. Read the rest of this entry »


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