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Am I in the Book of Life? – John 3:1-8


I am going to start with a bit of my personal history.  My grandfather, on my dad’s side, was a church planter: he traveled to different areas, set up his tent and started preaching.  When a group of followers were formed he sought out a preacher to pastor them, packed up the tent and moved to the next place.  It sounds really quick when you say it like that but he would usually stay 2-3 years at each church.  One of those churches he established was where I grew up and learned about Jesus.

To the best of my Grandmother’s ability she cataloged (11) churches organized/pastored and later in life, (7) churches pastored.  No sending church, no mission board, only a steadfast faith that what God had called him to do He would see him through it.  My grandfather was a carpenter on the side to fund his ministry; no one paid preachers back then.  As a result of his skills he helped or completely built many of the church buildings that he organized. Read the rest of this entry »

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