Going on a Walkabout

07 Apr
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My title is an Austrailian saying, It simply means I’m going to take a break and change the scenery.

I have been running on empty for quite a few weeks, not on material, but on the passion I want to have when posting.  I want my posts to burn inside me as I prepare them; I do not expect anyone to want to read my posts without it.

In order to give out one must take in. As a result I will be concentrating on my devotions with God, bible study, time with the family, serving at my local church and my Rest Home ministry.  I should also mention my day job, I have to pay the bills.

I am extremely grateful for those who have faithfully followed my posts.  The support is truly a blessing to me.  You will notice, if I set it up correctly, that likes and comments are disabled for this post. This is no plea for sympathy or support, I just need a break.

Our site will continue; the Fellow Servant will be posting here.  In fact he is the one who started the site in August of 2012.  I hope you will be supportive of him during my absence.

My return?  As soon as the passion to post returns. I am sure I will miss you before you miss me.

Until the Fire Burns Again,

A Servant

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