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1 Peter – Foreknowledge of God Part I (1 Peter 1:2a)

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1 Peter 1:2aElect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father


I am going to cover a topic that has spawned much debate. Some would say this topic is controversial so just skip over it and move on.  Why introduce a subject that may divide those who follow this blog?  The answer, to do a verse by verse study I cannot skip over it.  I will give you my thoughts based upon my study and prayer for understanding of the subject at hand.  I will use scripture to support my conclusions because my opinion doesn’t matter, what God says does.

Verse 2 is actually a continuation of verse one.  In context this is part of Peter’s greeting to Christians scattered throughout the provinces listed in verse 1. Contained within this greeting is a statement of doctrinal importance I want to look at very closely.

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