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Witness Protection Program


If you are reading this via email please pop over to our site for a visit.  You can now find us at (The old link will redirect you for now)

We are in the midst of changing some things starting with our new domain name.  We are very fond of “Think on These Things”, and we hope that every time we hear God’s word we ponder it in our heart.  However, as time passes, we need to branch out and find new ways to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We want our new theme to reflect a sincere desire to possess a servant’s heart and share that goal with our readers.  I have signed off on posts as “A Servant” for quite some time now but I don’t count myself as a true servant yet.  I still have bouts of selfishness, and worse still, pride that prevent me from reflecting Jesus to a lost and dying world.  I have much to learn, confess and forsake.

We might tweak a few more things on the site but the mission is still the same, proclaim and live the truth in Jesus name.


Until Night,

A Servant “in training”

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