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Those Old Sunday School Lessons

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Recently I concluded a series of classes entitled “Old Sunday School Lessons”.  I rolled out those old time favorites like David and Goliath, Joseph & the Coat of Many Colors, Moses and the Red Sea and quite a few others.  My overall theme was faith with each lesson focusing on faith in God or having faith in His promises.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with a quote… “Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” In context this was given in reference to those who stop learning and or growing as an individual.  Isn’t it a sad thought to consider that many can remember those old Sunday School lessons but have lost their passion for God’s word as they entered adulthood.  They might be young adults, middle aged or even senior adults but their spiritual awareness is the equivalent of an elementary education. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are You Acridophobic? – Ecclesiastes 12:5, Daniel Chapters 1-5


The Preacher who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes ended his writings with a grim reminder of our mortality. Chapter 12 refers to our senior years as “evil days”.  The Preacher is so encouraging as he reminds us of what awaits; diminished eyesight, weak bones, curved spines, losing teeth, having trouble sleeping and loss of hearing.

Our lesson title comes from verse 5 which talks about various fears.  Midway through the verse the Preacher uses grasshoppers to illustrate how small things can become a very big deal.  What was once considered little things now become a fear or burden.  By the way, Acridophobia is the fear of grasshoppers.

In this lesson I want to confront the realities of our mortality, understand it and know that God can use anyone of any age to fulfill His purposes. Read the rest of this entry »

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